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Export products & orders from Commerce7 for upload into your accounting system.

Export you Commerce7 data into your accounting system

Export finance report with products, orders and customer details 
in a format you can upload to your accounting system.
Compatible with PASTEL Accounting
A fully compatible integration with Sage Pastel Accounting System.
Export order from Multiple Pastel Stores
Works with multiple Pastel Stores. Allowing to export orders information from several Pastel Store Accounts.
Save time
Just select the date range for your data and get the file on your email ready to be uploaded into your system.
Generic Integration for all Accounting systems
Download a CSV file with order information that can serve as a log of your transactions, or to import into your accounting software by manipulating the data and document fields.

Available Fields on the Report

Below are the columns that are in the Accounting Export Tool export file.
Header RecordsHeader, Document Number, Deleted, Print Status, Customer Code, Period Number, Date, Order Number, Inc/Exc, Discount, Invoice Message, Delivery Address, Sales Analysis Code, Settlement Terms, Document Date, Telephone, Fax Number, Contact Person, Exchange Rate, Freight Method, Ship/Deliver, Additional Costs, Email Status. 

Detail RecordsDetail, Cost Price, Quantity, Unit Selling Price, Inclusive Price, Unit, Tax Type, Discount Type, Discount Percentage, Code, Description, Line Type, Projects Code, Store.

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