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Export orders & customer details from Commerce7 for upload into AMS.

Export you Commerce7 data into AMS

Export order, order details and customers in a format you can upload to AMS.
AMS Export Tool
The tool generates 3 files that will contain all your orders and customer information for the date you selected.
Save time
Just select the date range for your data and get the file on your email ready to be uploaded into the AMS platform.
Import data into AMS
The files generated are already formatted to work with AMS import tool.

Available Fields on the Report

You will be able to export three different reports: Orders, Order Details and Customers Details. Below are the columns that are in the AMS export file.
Order Report FieldsOrder No, Order Date, Customer No, Order Status, Ship Date, Billing Status, Order Amount, Order Net, Bill Last Name, Bill First Name, Bill Phone, Bill Phone Ext, Bill Company Name, Bill Address, Bill Address 2, Bill City, Bill State, Bill Postal, Bill Country, Bill Type, Payment Method, Credit Card Type, Credit Card Number, Credit Card Expiration Date, PO Number, Placed By, Affiliate, Customer Comments, Company Comments, Order Type, IP Address, IP Country.

Order Details (Line Items)Order No, Item, SKU, Unit Price, Quantity, Extended Price, Status, Ship Date, Ship From, Ship Last Name, Ship First Name, Ship Phone, Ship Phone Ext, Ship Company Name, Ship Address, Ship Address 2, Ship City, Ship State, Ship Postal Code, Ship Country, Ship Type, Ship Method, Sales Tax Rate, Tracking Number, Gift Card, Gift Card Text, Gift Wrap.

CustomersCustomer No, Last Name, First Name, Email, Address Label, Company Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Postal Code, Country, Address Type, Phone Num, Phone Ext, Primary Ship, Primary Bill, Discount, Mailing List, Active, Cust Type, Password, Password Reminder, Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2, Custom Field 3, Custom Field 4, Custom Field 5, Custom Field 6, Affiliate, Comments.

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